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The Greatest Advantages of A Modern Electric Standing Office Desk

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At present, the increasing rapid health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and lower life expectancy have become a regular round-table agenda. Some statistics have shown that people who sit for long periods of time doing work continuously without having a break, faces these types of fatal health diseases than others. Studies have proved that weight gain and even obesity can occur as a result of too much sitting still for years. Fortunately, the popularity of ergonomic modern electric height-adjustable standing office desks has skyrocketed among office workers.

People have started to realize the benefits of standing desks. Now the slogan” Sitting is the new smoking” can be seen in health magazines and fitness articles all over the place also often referred to as “sitting disease”.

A glimpse of the greatest benefits of using a Modern Electric Standing Office Desk such as:

Electric Standing Office Desk Increase productivity

The first and foremost benefit that emerges from an Electric Standing Office Desk is that it stimulates the exercise needed to improve blood circulation and bring oxygen to the brain while standing. This accelerates our energy, concentration, and productivity level.

Electric Standing Office Desk leads to more mental focus and energy Levels. It helps to improve the creation of new brain cells and boosts critical thinking, concentration, working mood, and energy levels.

Electric Standing Office Desk helps out being obese

Statistics have shown that you can burn more than 12% of your calories by standing while at work. It means you could lose up to 3 kilos a year by only working standing instead of sitting for 6–7 hours a day.

Electric Standing Office Desk Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting at work all day leads you to serious heart disease day by day. While standing work reduces the lower rates of heart attacks. Researchers have been studying the benefits of standing for more than 60 years! Their findings were that "a sedentary lifestyle has been linked to a 90% increase in the risk of cardiovascular mortality and a 147% increase in the risk of cardiovascular events as compared to an active lifestyle".

Electric Standing Office Desk Reduces demand for caffeine

A person working in a standing position remains the brain-cells more active than a person in a sitting position. Due to a more active working posture, the body has less room to get a dip after a heavy meal. This significantly decreases the demand for caffeine or sugar, such as coffee or energy drinks.

Electric Standing Office Desk Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Researchers say, after having a meal, our blood sugar levels are expected to increase. As a result, individuals with large spikes in blood sugar have a much higher risk of causing strokes, type 2 diabetes, or back problems! 

A small study showed that standing for 3 hours after a meal reduced the blood sugar level by 43% compared to sitting for the same amount of time.

Electric Standing Office Desk Helps to Live Longer

Needless to say, a standing worker gets healthier benefits (as shown above) than those sitting individuals. Standing position provides more active energy and leads to great concentration while working.

With a significant and sustainable positive impact on physical, metabolic, and mental health, reducing workplace sitting time, and also being cost-effective, the Electric Standing Office Desk will be an ergonomic investment.

If you are considering moving to such an amazingly beneficial and multifunctional standing office desk, we recommend the Sunaofe Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. The adjustability of the desktop, as well as the dual motors with free optional castors, make the Sunaofe Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk a perfect transition into standing. This will give your body to adjust to a new position and allow you to get benefited from standing right away.

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