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Great Standing Desk!

I really love my new standing desk!! It made my space look so sleek and clean. It is the perfect amount of space for me to fit both my laptop and my monitor (& so much more. One of my favorite things is the built in cable ports, so I can easily hide all of my charger cords. The installation was super quick and simple, and I am super excited to continue using it!!

Made in America

Not as easy as advertised, but then, I'm almost 70 and disabled. If you can't get the screws in most of the way with your fingers (use the Allen wrench for the final tightening), then you're doing something wrong.

The armrest swivel is disconcerting. I prefer fixed armrests.

Thank you for your review, Linda. We're sorry to hear you had difficulty with assembly. Our chairs have adjustable armrests for greater flexibility, but we understand your preference for fixed armrests. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us to better understand our customers' needs and preferences. At Sunaofe, we take pride in the quality of our products and are always looking for ways to improve.

Effective and aesthetic chair!

First thing I love about it is how beautiful the chair looks and how it goes well with my desk setup aesthetics.
Love the adjustable tilt and the arm rests makes it so comfortable to rest my elbows while typing or using mouse and trackpad. Shipping was super fast too!


This chair is solid. I weight 275 lbs and was concened if it would be sturdy enough. Well made.

Affordable High Quality Standing Desk!

If you’re looking to upgrade your work from home setup at an affordable price but still maintain a high quality look and finish, this standing desk might be the perfect fit. While it is on the shorter side (great for small work spaces or for not taking up too much room) it can still fit my MacBook Pro and Apple Display comfortably along with a full size keyboard and still enough room for other essentials.

The desk is quiet but most importantly super stable and secure when going up or down. It also has an anti-collision feature which I haven’t seen on other desks for safety. Basically if it hits something as it’s moving, it will stop and then raise a touch. I had this happen already as it was going down and my chair was under the table. In stead of possibly damaging my chair, it stopped and then raised.

Lastly, this was so easy to put together. I love that the underside base of the desk is already installed so all you have to do is attach the legs and cables and that’s it. Took me less thank 10 minutes to do on my own.

Great value and quality!

Two weeks with the Voyager Pro

The chair was super easy to assemble out of the box. As someone who spends 8-10 hours day at desk, being comfortable is important to my productivity. The Voyager Pro offers so much adjustment I can tune it exactly to my body. Plus, the lumbar support and headrest help with keeping my whole spine supported. Also, the caster and whole assembly are very quiet, which is nice for recording audio at my desk. Would highly recommend. This chair punches well above its price point.

Game Changer

I'm a professional videographer and I spend a lot of time at the computer editing. Since upgrading to the Gaming Desk my back has never felt better. Plus the integrated casters make it easy to move around. Great quality desk and over all one of the most important additions to my studio.

Great price

Great price

Great quality !! Love it !!

I was so excited to add it to my home office. I was nervous at first about assembling it on my own but it was so easy to put together by myself with no tools. It all came packaged very nicely with clear instructions. It is super comfortable and so cute !! It has 3 settings to lean back which is perfect to change from working on my laptop to just leaning back and playing on my game. I chose the color grey and I love it !!

Glad to hear that you love it! And your home is so warm and beautiful:)

Great value !!

I love this desk. It was easy to put together (I did it alone -), I only needed my husband to put it right side up because it was a little heavy for me. I love that it has memory keys to remember the desk height you want. It has 3 numbers where you can program 3 different height positions which is so convenient. It’s a big space to spread out while you work! It also matched my aesthetics perfectly and the cables fit snugly underneath. Would definitely recommend !!

Comfortable and sturdy office chair

I've been WFH for a few years and the old office chair I bought from Amazon a few years ago was giving me lower back pains already. I started looking for an office chair with a better build quality. When someone referred me to the Voyager Pro chair, I was a bit skeptical at first. Similar looking chairs sell for much higher prices elsewhere!

The Voyager Pro arrived within few days and the assembly was straightforward. The box contained all the necessary tools, and the instruction was pretty clear. I had a nice looking, comfortable and sturdy office chair in no time!

The Voyager Pro comes with adjustable seat height and adjustable arm rests. These are common in most office chairs. But the one thing that distinguishes from other office chairs is the adjustable head rest. After long hours in front a computer, it was very comfortable to be able to recline on the chair and have a headrest!

Thanks to the person who referred me to the Voyager Pro; this is definitely a keeper.

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