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Sunaofe makes continuous improvements to its Ergonomic Chairs. Our ambition is to provide innovative designed, comfortable, and adjustable office chairs with high quality to our consumers. A high-density mesh backrest fits the curve of the human spine that’s offering enough support. Built-in lumbar support can be reducing pain for the lower back, very friendly to people of different heights. Chair height and built-in lumbar support are adjustable the seat adjusts perfectly to the sitting position and stimulates the user to sit actively and dynamically. Get your work demands down to a minimum and produces your best work on this Ergonomic Chair.

This chair comes fully loaded to help you take charge of your day. With a ventilated mesh back, you'll have air circulating to your back, giving you sweet relief during warm summer days. The chair is perfect for supporting the natural curvature of the spine. It is breathable and dynamic. The sporty mesh design guarantees a high level of air permeability in the back. Meanwhile, the dynamically designed back frame keeps the mesh back under tension. The tight mesh stabilizes the back and lumbar vertebrae as well as retains its shape even under high loads.

The lumbar support ensures that the backrest adapts to the natural shape of the spine for most users with a 30mm height adjustment. The T-armrests are adjustable in height, length, and even angles, which relieve shoulders and arms. With its high-quality and functional materials and synchronous mechanism, the chair combines comfortable and active sitting.

Its high-density quality, soft mesh cloth, thick foam cushion, and durability ensure that all components are of good quality and come from reliable suppliers. You'll find an ideal seating angle, and height adjustment options make it easy to find the proper configuration for your desk. Each arm on this desk chair can be adjusted in height for maximum comfort. Sitting in a proper office chair can reduce physical stress and enhance your mental focus. Chairs with height-adjustable seats and backs accommodate almost any body type comfortably. It combines comfortable seating with ergonomic features, giving workers who spend long hours at their desks the support they need to work efficiently.

The curved backrest provides you with ergonomic lumbar support. The user can change the seat depth to suit their personal needs. This means that anybody can use the chair without causing them to suffer from stiffness or back pain, providing exceptional value for today's modern office. Its fundamental seating will allow you to purchase seating for all businesses. 

Sunaofe Ergonomic Chair can always provide you with a comfortable sitting experience no matter where you are, multi-person offices, private offices, home offices, study rooms, etc. Built to be long-lasting and comfortable, our office chair can support, that can meet most people’s needs. As a professional and reliable furniture supplier, we continue to seek out premium materials, employ human-centered design, and, finally, provide you with a smart and stylish office chair.

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