Here Are 5 Simple Standing Desk Exercises to Maintain Fitness and Burn Fat from Your Stomach

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Here Are 5 Simple Standing Desk Exercises to Maintain Fitness and Burn Fat from Your Stomach sunaofe blog 2240x1260

A sedentary lifestyle, both at work and at home, is becoming the reality for an increasing number of people. Staying seated for hours on end in an office cubicle and then returning home to unwind (which usually involves more sitting) can cause a slew of long-term health issues such as bad posture, chronic joint aches, shoulder, back, and neck pain, worsening eyesight, headaches, difficulty multi-tasking, a sense of constant tiredness, and of course muscle loss and fat build-up, all of which can have a negative impact on our well-being and self-esteem. However, there is a sure-fire solution that does not interfere with work; simply replace your desk! Standing workstations are becoming increasingly popular as the ideal method for combating idleness, and standing desk exercises may keep you in shape whether working, reading, or gaming in your spare time.


1. Push-ups at the desk while standing

Place your palms on the edge of your desk and push your legs backward until you are in a standing push-up posture (make sure the desk is sturdy enough to keep your weight). Lower yourself until your chest almost touches the desk, then push back with as straight a back as possible and repeat. You have just done your first standing desk push-up! 20 repetitions is more than enough for a good workout.


2. Push-ups while standing backwards at a desk

Turn your back to the desk and place your open palms on it. Now, thrust your legs forward as far as you can until your only resting point is your palms and your oblique heels. Curl your arms internally 90 degrees (for more support) as you move down, then slowly push back up. Repeat 10-15 times more. Push-ups are excellent exercises for burning abdominal fat as well as strengthening your arms and core muscles.


3. Squats and stretching

This one may require the use of a chair or another object to sit on (such as an exercise ball), but it is not cheating. Try a regular squat with your legs on either side of the chair, facing the desk. As soon as you slightly contact the chair or ball, immediately spring up. Standing behind your chair (holding the back of the chair for balance) and pushing your leg backward and keeping it straight in the air for as long as possible (if you feel a burn in your glutes, you're doing it right!) is a terrific workout for developing your core and glutes. Repeat this action for each leg at least 20 times. Another wonderful and incredibly simple chair stretch is to simply sit in your chair and raise your leg parallel to your desk for as long as possible.


4. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments

Rest the back of your hands on the desk while facing your standing desk. Apply mild pressure on your arm while keeping your arms as stiff as possible.


5. Abdominal workouts while standing at your desk

This exercise has two variations: one that requires you to sit and one that does not. Lift your legs around 20cm off the ground while seated but not contacting the backrest (straight back). Flex or turn your bust to the right and then to the left while holding them in this posture. While this is going on, grab your elbow with one hand and stretch it as far to the side you're turning to as possible before switching sides. 20-30 reps should be enough to feel the burn. The standing version is the same, except we don't expect you to levitate if you don't lift your legs up!

These are only five standing desk exercises, but there are many more to master in order to enhance and stretch other important body areas. Mastering them and implementing them as carefully as possible throughout the day can make a significant difference. Here are some additional simple standing desk workouts and stretches.

A woman standing and working on a ergonomic workstation sunaofe blog 2240x1260

A more active and healthier lifestyle while working is only one of the advantages of utilizing a standing desk, but there are a few more recommendations to help you adjust to such a significant change, as we have been conditioned for generations to do our work sitting down. During your first month of experimenting with stand desks, things like alternating half hours of sitting and standing, taking small walks around the house, making your work station as accommodating as possible (this means pairing your stand desk with an ergonomic chair for when you really need to sit), and having the right posture can all help.

The most effective standing desks on the market are suitable for both the home and the workplace. So actually, take a stand and checkout stand desks, a trend that is revolutionizing millions of people all over the world, but remember to exercise as well, and your body and mind will reward you.









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