Know What Problems Facing in Raising a Standing Workstation

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Know What Problems Facing in Raising a Standing Workstation sunaofe blog 2240x1260

If you want to fully utilize your height-adjustable desk in the technological era, you must customize your workspace to meet your body's needs. The standing desk will not be raised. The proper use of a sit/stand desk may appear self-evident to the inexperienced: you're standing; you're working; you're practicing. However, because everyone is different, ergonomics is not an exact science.

Everyone enjoyed using technology before it became obsolete. Because the desk contains electrical components, you are likely to run into problems at some point. The most common issue is that the electric standing desk stops moving up and down. The office becomes crowded.

If you're reading this, your desk is probably not going up. Continue reading to learn how to get your standing desk back up and running again.


Obstruction in the Path


Something above the table may be preventing it from rising. The most common offenders are wall-mounted cabinets, furniture, or artwork.


The standing desk will not be raised. Many office desks have a collision detection feature as a safety feature, which prevents the office from reaching another item. When an object is discovered along the way, the table stops moving up and then slowly descends, allowing you to remove it.


As a result, you should carefully inspect and remove any objects from your desk that are in the way.


Standing Desk Power Outage


It usually happens for one of two reasons: the standing desk was briefly unlocked and then relocked, or the outlet lost power.


When a standing desk loses control in certain situations, it automatically switches to reset mode. When in reset mode, a sit-stand office can only move down.


To get your standing desk back up and running, you must perform a manual reboot.


The legs are not equal


The legs of a standing desk with two (or more) engines can become unbalanced over time. If the tools lack a strong self-locking system, the engine and spindle can change while the tool is designed to maintain its height setting.

When one device can change, the other should either remain stationary or turn more or less than the first. The engines are now out of whack, and the desk is shaky.

When the desks become uneven, one of two things can happen.

The desk's control box eventually realizes that the legs are at different heights and begins to rise to avoid any loss to the office.

The control box is insufficiently advanced to detect the problem, and the desktop may continue to move up and down until there is too much weight within the leg support, at which point it will stop running.

The standing desk will not be raised. The desk must be completely rebooted in order for the leg to be re-aligned and equalized.

Standing Desk Excessive Weight and Pressure sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Standing Desk Excessive Weight and Pressure


Each height-adjustable table has the maximum lifting capacity. If your desk is too heavy, you can overload it. However, your standing desk can sometimes withstand a lot of weight to go up. As a result, it shuts down to protect its elements.

To resolve this issue, you should remove some weight from your desk. If enough weight is removed, the desk should turn on automatically and begin working on a regular basis. In most cases, a manual reset is not required. 

Examine the lifting capacity of your standing desk to prevent this from happening again. Keep an eye out for whether the number is just the base or the base plus the work area. For example, if the company specifies "complete lifting power base only: 330 lbs.," it means that whatever you place on top of the base (work surface, screens, keyboard tray, etc.) cannot weigh more than 330 lbs.


Power, Push-button, or Energy The wires are Loose


Power, engine, or control box connectors that are pulled or locked may become unstable. The cause of the tug is frequently a loss of cable control.

The wire can be pulled slightly out of the outlet and still cause the energy to be irregular. The electricity inside the cables becomes unstable when they are disconnected. It means that power can pass through them at times but not at others. When the energy is removed from many desks, the table can enter reset mode.

Before reconfiguring your standing desk, test all cables to ensure they are securely connected. After that, you can restart the office. To prevent this from happening again, use a wire management method to keep wires off track. There are numerous options available to find the one that best suits you.



The standing desk will not be raised. There are several reasons why your standing desk is stuck, and determining the best way to repair it can be difficult. Addressing these common cases first can either effectively resolve the problem or save you time on the phone with technical support if it turns out to be a complicated issue.








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