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How to Increase Metabolism at Work - While at Your Job

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How to Increase Metabolism at Work - While at Your Job sunaofe blog 2240x1260

There has been a lot of discussion about metabolism in the medical community over the past several years, so it's likely that you know a thing or two about it. But first, we must define the term and examine its implications for people working in offices. Metabolism, in its most basic definition, is the biochemical process through which the body converts the nutrients in meals into usable energy. In fact, this process continues even when you're at rest, and the energy it generates is needed to power your body's many processes. Hereditary illnesses like hypothyroidism and Cushing's syndrome are examples of things that can cause metabolic rate to vary among individuals. The rate at which your body breaks down food is also affected by variables such as your muscle mass, age, smoking habits, sexual orientation, and the quantity of exercise you get.


Most of us who spend most of our days at a desk run the danger of altering our metabolic rates for the worse, making the latter an especially important cause for concern for office employees. Considering the abundance of research connecting prolonged periods of sitting to a variety of negative health outcomes, this finding is maybe not shocking. Recent research reveals a deeper complexity in the connection between prolonged sitting at work and low metabolic rates, despite its apparent simplicity at first glance.


The results of the study conducted with a group of volunteers showed that prolonged periods of sitting induced a condition in which the body became resistant to the effects of physical exercise. As a result, it's unrealistic to expect that an hour of exercise will reverse the metabolic damage caused by prolonged sitting. That means those who sit for long periods of time at work get the least out of their exercise routines. Therefore, instead of sitting at a desk all day and expecting that exercise on the weekend will counteract the consequences, try to incorporate methods of optimizing your metabolism while working so that your workouts have an impact.


How, therefore, do you speed up your metabolic rate while you're at work?

Try spending more time in a standing position sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Try spending more time in a standing position

How can I minimize the negative metabolic effects of prolonged sitting on the job? Be sure to stand up a lot more. If you spend most of your day in an office, you probably don't get much exercise beyond your 30-minute lunch break and 15-minute frequent breaks. That's not a bad habit to break; in fact, it's not even bad for you. Although the demands of some employment may make it difficult to take frequent breaks from the computer, doing so is beneficial to your metabolism and should be attempted whenever possible. To this end, it can be helpful to adopt ergonomic practices, such as switching to a standing desk. The benefits of a less sedentary workplace lifestyle can be enjoyed without sacrificing productivity thanks to the invention of the standing desk.


Standing desks offer a better working lifestyle, and Sunaofe, a market leader in the field, has you covered with its premium array of products. The Tau 2 standing desk, for example, is crafted with precision and ingenuity to allow you to stand at your workstation with ease. The anti-collision feature allows you to work without fear that you'll bump into an item beneath it as it moves from a seated to standing position smoothly and quietly thanks to its mechanics' system. Check out our website immediately to improve your working conditions.


Do Some Light Exercise At Your Desk

There are a number of creative ways to include more physical activity into your daily routine while at work, especially if your schedule is more flexible or if you work from home. One of the greatest is the desk bike, a piece of ergonomic office equipment that combines a regular desk with a bicycle to help you stay fit while you put in your hours at the office. Desk bikes take the idea of standing desks one step further by allowing you to get some light riding in as you work. The integration of a cycling mechanism inside your workstation means you can get more done without leaving your seat.


If you want to get healthier, you should try walking more

Consider the elevator; it's a wonderful invention, right? They may be if we were going across several stories, but what if it was only two? Perhaps we would be better served if we resisted the temptation to take the elevator between levels and instead took the stairs. Because it allows you to get some exercise while still at work, the latter should be your top priority if time is an issue. If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, the stairs are the best way to get from one floor to another if you need to make a quick trip.


Instead of calling a coworker up from your desk every time you need to tell them something that isn't an emergency, you should use the stairs if you can. You shouldn't waste time standing around from cubicle to cubicle, but if the rules and circumstances permit, you might want to walk over to someone instead of using a phone or instant messenger to get your point through. To combat the sedentary nature of office life, you can increase the number of steps you take each day by visiting the water dispenser and avoiding having lunch at your desk. If the ergonomic tools I've described above are out of your price range, walking is a fantastic alternative for incorporating more exercise into your daily routine.

It's best to break up your day into a series of little meals sunaofe blog 2240x1260

It's best to break up your day into a series of little meals

Workplace strategies like meal spacing and exercise can help you burn more calories without sacrificing productivity. Most of us have formed habits around eating three square meals every day. However, recent research suggests that breaking up your daily caloric intake into multiple smaller meals may be the best strategy. According to studies, if you eat three square meals a day, you may be consuming more calories than your body needs. The impacts are exacerbated for office employees because their sedentary lifestyles don't allow for enough exercise to keep their metabolisms revved up.


That's why it's not possible for us to achieve a healthy weight by eating three enormous meals every day. In this regard, it may be preferable to schedule several smaller meals throughout the day for a routine that often increases the metabolic rate to deal with food quantities. If your calorie intake exceeds your metabolic rate, your body will store the extra calories as fat, which can have the effect of slowing your metabolism even further. Instead, plan on eating large meals every two to three hours to maintain a steady blood sugar level, build muscle, and speed up your metabolism.


Avoid going too long without eating, and drink lots of water

In the past, we discussed how eating only three meals per day might slow down your metabolism. Recent studies on metabolism, however, show that skipping meals may actually be harmful to your health. Your metabolic rate increases in response to eating in order to process the calories you consume, and decreases in between meals in order to preserve the body's current fat stores. So, it's bad for office employees to miss meals because their metabolism stays low for long durations. It seems counterintuitive that skipping meals can cause your body to store more fat rather than use it for energy production. Therefore, if you're trying to increase your metabolic rate, you shouldn't miss meals.


Water is crucial to the chemical process of metabolism, so be sure to drink plenty of it. Lack of hydration can slow metabolism, leading to less fat being burned and more being stored. Furthermore, remaining hydrated helps increase the rate of your body's metabolism while working, as drinking water often increases your metabolic rate practically instantly. Maintaining a healthy metabolic rate is as simple as eating regularly and drinking enough of water.




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