Standing Desks With Single Or Multiple Motors Have A Longer Lifespan

Standing Desks With Single Or Multiple Motors Have A Longer Lifespan sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Productivity, tiredness reduction, and a more pleasant working environment are all benefits of ergonomic equipment. An ergonomic office furniture item that has been adopted by Google, Facebook as well as other large corporations is the standing desk. Both of these options may be an excellent standing desk, depending on your specific requirements.

A review says that the quality of the motors is one of the largest variables impacting the quality of your standing desk. If your motor is constructed with excellent tolerances, from high-quality materials, and is backed by a high-quality manufacturer, a single motor desk will be adequate for any use. The specialists at Sunaofe have put together a comprehensive comparison of single-motor and dual-motor standing desks so that you can make an informed decision. Now that you've had some coffee, we can get started!

Load Capacity

Load Capacity sunaofe blog

Load capacity and speed of adjustment in electric standing desks generally depend on each other to a certain extent. Dual motor models usually have the edge here, since two motors can support more weight than one. Standing desk frames with dual motors have a higher lifting capability than those with a single motor and offer superior stability for heavier weights. Standing desk frames made by Sunaofe with dual motors often have greater load capacities and quicker adjustment times. But in a few models, the load capacity of a single motor model can be equal to or greater than the combined load capacity of two motors in another model. You can use TAU2 with ease because it has received the SGS professional certification and has a formaldehyde emission of less than 0.5mg/L and the dynamic load capacity of CHALLENGER is 176 lbs. and static load is 220 lbs. The panel has a gorgeous form and a cellulosic texture made entirely of carbon. It is ergonomic to have the arc on the side closest to the user's body

Speed of adjustment

Speed of adjustment sunaofe blog

For certain users, the adjustment speed might not be the most crucial aspect. A faster, more reliable adjustment speed will reduce frustration and boost productivity if numerous people use a desk all day long in various settings. You can easily get single motor models with dual motor speed, but at a higher price. Dual motor models have a little advantage here as well, though less so than with load capacity likely TAU2 can switch between the sitting and standing positions with the press of a button. The desk can be lowered to

27.56" and lifted to 46.85" at a rate of 1.3 inches per second and operates between 110V and 240V.Each surface is made of high-quality metal, which is more durable than a standard desk.

The Process of Building and Maintaining

It may seem apparent, but when it comes to installation and maintenance, fewer parts are preferable. The same holds true for maintenance; there will be fewer issues with a single-motor model, and diagnosis will be simpler. TAU2 as ergonomic Mesh Chair with adjustable armrests & seat Depth, comfortable & Stylish. The chair combines comfortable and active sitting with its high- quality and functional materials and synchronized mechanism. A longer, superior, or more inclusive warranty implies that the manufacturer stands behind their products and is willing to work with you to replace any parts that fail or do not function as planned, including the motor module. Conversely, a shorter warranty is more likely to imply that the manufacturer is aware of a motor failure point and does not wish to support them.


Electric standing desks can cost in excess of $1000 for the highest-end models, whether they’re single or dual motor. Generally speaking, however, single motor models start at a lower price point. Keep in mind that depending on other factors, a dual-motor model doesn’t necessarily equal better performance. Due to the additional moving parts and technological component that a single-motor system lacks, dual-motor systems are almost usually more expensive than single- motor systems. As a rule, larger workstations are more expensive. However, the reality is that prices can vary greatly. The size, design, and material of the desktop surface, as well as the materials used to create the desk (steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood), all have an impact on the entire cost. Sunaofe, have made investing in TAU2 dual motor standing desks with more affordable than ever. Most dual motor desks on the market are over $500, but TAU2 is made by steel structure and have control Box & 2 motors are pre-assembled,1 manual Controller;2 Legs; 4 free Optional Casters which helps you to be smoother and simpler while adjusting the height. The frame comes in a black finish to blend in with any environment and maintain a low profile which is just $429.69 and CHALLENGER single motors cost $406.99

Why standing desks are important for employees?

Why standing desks are important for employees sunaofe blog

Long-term sitting has been linked to an increased risk of developing:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Colon and other cancers


Our bodies are equipped to withstand the pressure of upright posture and to engage in physical exercise. When sitting for too long with bad posture, the bones of the neck and lower back experience increased pressure. Slouching is even worse. And sustaining a static position for too long reduces the suppleness of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons, hence causing back strain. All of these factors can exacerbate preexisting back issues. Standing more often can improve your posture and take pressure off your lower spine. Evidence suggests that a standing desk can help avoid that tell-tale lower back pain after working all day.

A study revealed that participants who used a standing workstation for many weeks saw a 32% reduction in lower back pain. The CDC observed in a separate study  that participants who utilized a standing desk for four weeks and received counseling to prevent sedentary behavior experienced a 54% reduction in back pain. According to the American Journal of Public Health, excessive sitting does raise the risk of chronic disease and early death by 10–20 percent. The dual-motor electric standing desk is equipped with a powerful Lift system that silently and effortlessly elevates your workstation to your ideal position TAU2  and CHALLANGER designed with a 30mm height adjustment, the lumbar support ensures that the backrest conforms to the natural curve of the spine for the majority of users. Adjustable in height, length, and even angle, the T-armrests provide shoulder and arm support.

Making Decisions

 Making Decisions

Last but not least, the choice is entirely up to you. No matter which of our own desks you choose, you'll get a longer-lasting product thanks to the high-quality motors used in our computerized control module and the five-year warranty we offer on all our products. You are welcome to look into other possibilities, but we are confident that you will return.












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