Reduce Back Pain with a Stand-Up Desk and Some Exercises


Reduce Back Pain with a Stand-Up Desk and Some Exercises sunaofe blog 2240x1260

People who spend their entire day sitting are at a higher risk of developing a variety of diseases. Back pain is one of the first issues that people notice and are concerned about. This is why it is critical to select a desk with a comfortable height for you and to engage in regular exercises that can reduce back pain and improve your overall well-being. You're looking for a stand to sit desk.


Why Choose a Stand-Up Desk?


People prefer height-adjustable desks to standard working tables because they allow them to change their body position while working. A desk that allows you to switch from sitting to standing makes your work more efficient because you are less tired, and it is easier to focus and be more productive.


Back Pain-Relieving Exercises


Back pain can have a negative impact on your mood and productivity. It is difficult to get rid of once it has settled into your muscles. This is why it is critical to move your body while working. We present one of the most effective exercises that should relieve your back pain and bring relief to your entire body right away. There are two positions available at work for those activities: standing and sitting. You can then decide which is best for you.


Stretch Standing Trunk Extension


Stand freely and support your lower back with your hands. Lean back slowly while keeping your hips in the same position. To get immediate relief, hold it for 10-15 seconds and repeat three to five times.


Hip Circles While Standing


Place your hands on your waist and slowly move your hips forward and backward. To relieve lower back tension, make small circles with your hips. You should be able to repeat this exercise 15 times at least twice, once clockwise and once counterclockwise.

Stretch your upper back with a stand-to-sit desk sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Stretch your upper back with a stand-to-sit desk


Set up your desk so that you can work while standing. Place your palms shoulder-width apart on the surface, then slowly bend over to place your head between your hands. If you don't feel stretched, try diving deeper until you feel your back tension release. This exercise can be repeated five times for 15-25 seconds each.


Folding Forward


Stand with your feet wider than your hips. Bend forward slowly while keeping your legs straight. This exercise does not require you to touch the ground. The most important thing to remember is to keep your back straight while doing this.


Twisting and bending


When standing next to your office desk, the quickest way to relieve back pain is to bend, as described in the preceding paragraph. If you're feeling a little strange and want to spice up your healthy routine while in the forwarding fold, try twisting your arms to the left and then to the right. Your deep back muscles will also be activated in this manner.



Cow and Cat Standing


These two poses are very common in yoga practice. It is not necessary to be on all fours to reap its benefits. Simply bend your legs and place your palms just above your knees. Raise your chest and tailbone to the ceiling while lowering your belly to the floor to perform a cat pose. Hold this position for 15-25 seconds before returning to the cow pose. Raise your belly button to the sky while lowering your tailbone and head. Each position should be repeated five times.


Upper Back and Trunk Stretch While Seated


Place your feet on a chair. Raise one arm above your head and gradually bend to the opposite side. If you feel stable, catch your palm with your free hand and pull it to the side. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds before returning to the center and switching sides.


Sitting Knee to Chest Stretch


Straighten up in your chair. Place both of your feet on the floor. Then, while keeping your back straight, raise one of your knees, catch it with your hands, and pull it towards your chest. This exercise not only relieves back pain but also stretches your glutes. Repeat this exercise 10 times for each leg, keeping your knee at chest level for at least 20 seconds each time.

There are numerous other exercises that can benefit spinal health. If you work from home or have a private space in the office, you should consider incorporating quick yoga sessions into your daily routine. This allows you to return to work more focused and relaxed.

It is preferable if you incorporate exercises into your daily routine. They can provide numerous health benefits while also lowering stress levels. However, keep in mind that a suitable desk with the proper height, adjusted to your body, is essential for keeping your spine healthy.

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