Learn How To Set Up A Workspace That Can Adapt To Changing Business Needs

Learn How To Set Up A Workspace That Can Adapt To Changing Business Needs sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Making a flexible workspace is essential if your company is experiencing a growth spurt if you want to keep your staff members happy and engaged.

Making a flexible workspace is essential if your company is experiencing a growth spurt if you want to keep your staff members happy and engaged. Only 13% of workers worldwide are highly engaged and satisfied with their work environment, according to the research. However, 88 percent of workers say they are very engaged in flexible workspaces, which let employee’s pick how and where they work. No matter how much space you have, here's how to design a flexible workspace that can change to meet changing company needs.

As a developing company, you are aware that change is just around the corner. You are ready for any new milestone by using furniture that is made to be swiftly and easily rearranged. As new team members are hired or departments are rearranged, you can adapt and reimagine your office with the help of movable walls, roll able conference tables, and monitor arms linked to desks. In this manner, decades after its initial design, your workstation still meets your demands.


Encourage independence

Not every worker wants to work in a cubicle by themselves, and not every worker wants to share a desk with a coworker. Giving workers the freedom to work how and where they choose boosts morale and productivity while also improving job satisfaction. Investing in mobile furniture and accessories like sit-stand desks, movable privacy panels for quiet work, shared tables and rolling marker boards for on-the-spot collaboration, and even privacy booths for private phone calls or other sensitive tasks are some ways to encourage employees to feel a sense of autonomy in their workspace. 

Include wellness and health

Include wellness and health sunaofe blog 2240x1260

In a Gensler survey on the characteristics of the perfect workplace, 34% of respondents cited "health and well-being" as a priority. When you are limited in space, you can employ office design to encourage wellbeing and, as a result, boost performance and productivity. Biophilic design, which encourages businesses to incorporate nature into their spaces through plants and natural textures and patterns, is one factor that promotes health and well-being. Utilizing natural light, lowering noise levels, and purchasing ergonomic furniture and places that promote mobility and engagement are further factors.

Be sure your technology is adaptable

The correct technology makes sure everyone stays connected in a flexible workspace where employees are dispersed around in various seating configurations and free to move as they choose. Numerous devices are made to sustain productivity and collaboration in a flexible workspace, in addition to offering WiFi and network access. Consider using the indoor mapping application Jibestream, which offers the security, extensibility, and agility to match shifting business needs, to keep track of people and equipment as they move around your environment. The Serendipity Machine connects coworkers by matching skills, expertise, or interests in order to promote collaboration among staff members. This makes it simple for them to locate colleagues nearby who have the abilities they require for a certain job or project. Check out this list of devices from Allwork for additional suggestions on technology designed for flexible workspaces.


Promote Coincidence Interactions

In order to increase the likelihood of chance encounters, Steve Jobs obsessively planned the layout of the Pixar headquarters' offices, down to the placement of the restrooms. He thought that this layout would promote innovation and impromptu teamwork through straightforward face-to-face communication. Simple strategies to encourage chance encounters include having an open office layout and/or unassigned desks. Additionally, incorporating social gathering areas like Pixar's atrium and informal nooks for conversation might result in unexpectedly innovative teamwork.

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