For Losing Weight Is Standing More Beneficial Than Sitting: Explained


For Losing Weight Is Standing More Beneficial Than Sitting Explained sunaofe blog 2240x1260

The contemporary work environment requires us to sit at our workstations for 8-12 hours without even stretching. You're fatigued by the time you get home from work, and your schedule is so jam-packed that you can't even spare a few minutes to exercise. You have some errands to run. You begin making supper, and before you know it, it is nearly midnight, and the cycle continues. This sedentary lifestyle has been connected to various ailments, including obesity, raising the question of whether standing is a better option than sitting if you work long hours. Can standing assist you in losing weight? This is revealed in this article.

One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Walking burns a lot more 210 calories an hour.


While it may be comfortable for some of us, sitting for lengthy periods of time can be harmful to our overall health, especially if the seats are uncomfortable. Sitting for long periods of time with no moving in between decreases metabolism. This has been connected to obesity, heart issues, and other health concerns because it inhibits the body's capacity to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure as well as break down fat.

Sitting too much harms your back, resulting in severe back discomfort. It is exacerbated if you slouch or do not have a comfy work chair. It can also cause varicose veins and weight gain.

When you sit, your body consumes less energy than when you move or stand. This means that by the time you have your second or third meal of the day, most of the nutrients/energy from the first meal have been used up. You are more likely to become obese if you do not engage in regular physical activity, thus standing is a much better alternative for weight loss.

Standing burns around 0.15 calories (kcals) per minute more than sitting, according to numerous research sources. That is around 72 calories in a day (8 hours), assuming you spend those hours standing.

Standing Exercises for Weight Loss sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Standing Exercises for Weight Loss

Standing might be uncomfortable for someone who works at a desk, especially if you use a standard desk. You'll have to bend over to reach the desk's height, which may cause more back pain. Fortunately, there are different offices or home equipment that you can use to reduce weight while still doing your work while standing.


1. Standing workstations

A standing desk allows you to work at your desk while standing; some even allow you to move from seated to standing mode. The Sunaofe Standing Desk Tau 2, for example, offers an adjustable height of 28 "-47.6", allowing you to go from seated to standing or standing to seated with a single tap. There are keypad and frame variations for the desk. The Sunaofe Standing Desk Tau 2 has a sturdy frame that can support the weight of your computer and other office supplies.


Standing desks have been linked to a variety of advantages, including increased productivity and mood, as well as a lower risk of heart disease. Standing desks can also help you lower your blood sugar levels, alleviate back discomfort, and lose weight.


2. Desk Bicycle

Desk bikes are another excellent alternative for standing weight loss. These desks include a cycling component as well as a desk component, allowing you to cycle while working at your desk, which helps you burn more calories than sitting or standing.

Using a desk bike can help you improve your coordination, happiness, and lose weight. Stationary bike workouts improve cardio fitness by strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles, which aids in the prevention of certain lifestyle conditions. Riding stationary bikes also helps you increase leg and lower body strength and is an efficient way to burn calories and body fat.


3. Converters for desks

Also referred to as a topper or desktop risers.

If you don't want to utilize a standing desk but still want to lose weight by standing, desk converters are available. Standing desk converters are movable components that can be used instead of standing desks.

You just set the topper on top of your existing desk, providing you the option of standing without having to get rid of or relocate your existing workstation. Simply remove the converter to switch to seating mode.


To summarize

Sitting consumes more calories per minute than standing. According to various studies, standing for an hour might burn up to 9 calories. This equates to approximately 0.15 calories every minute and 72 calories per day (8 hours of standing). However, standing alone will not help you slim down and is not the best option if you want to lose a lot of weight quickly. Standing and moving more, on the other hand, can help you become healthier and more productive, as well as lower your risk of developing certain diseases.












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