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Ergonomic Office Chairs That Help With Lower Back Pain


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Many office employees are on the lookout for the best office chair to help them relieve lower back pain. Despite the fact that most office seating firms claim to include lumbar support, they almost usually don't.

According to the “National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)”, low back pain is the most common cause of job-related disability. At least 80 percent of Americans will experience low back pain in their lifetime.

There are chairs that provide superior lower back support, and today we'll take a closer look at the ones we've found to be the best. I'll show you seats at various price ranges so that you may start working more comfortably no matter what your budget is.

Sunaofe Ergonomic Mesh Chair Elite67

Sunaofe Ergonomic Mesh Chair Elite67

Multi Functions with Adjustable Armrests & Seat Depth Customizable Comfort & Design. With its high-quality and functional materials and the synchronous mechanism, the chair combines comfortable and active sitting.

Reasons for being best in the market:

  • Customizable Comfort & Support: The synchronous mechanism promotes continuous micro-movements that stimulate the deep muscles. In this way, the muscles remain active and there are frequent changes in posture. Legs, hips and spine are also mobilized so that the body is relieved.
  • Sturdy Frame with Fashion Design: With the construction of the durable plastic frame with mesh, the back frame can keep the mesh back even under huge tension. Therefore, the dynamically designed seat adjusts perfectly to the sitting position and stimulates the user to sit ergonomically and properly.
  • High Quality Airy Mesh Back: The sporty mesh design guarantees a high level of air permeability in the back. Meanwhile, the tight mesh stabilizes the back and lumbar vertebrae as well as retains its shape even under high loads.
  • Multi-functionality & multi-adjustability: The lumbar support ensures that the backrest adapts to the natural shape of the spine for most users with 30mm height adjustment. The T-armrests are adjustable in height, length and even pivot, which relieve shoulders and arms. The user can change seat depth and seat height to suit their personal needs. This means that anybody can use the chair without causing them to suffer from stiffness or back pain.
  • Classic Color Scheme with Nice Fabric & Seam: The chair is characterized by classic color scheme: a continuous Black frame color scheme meets sporty mesh back and fabric colors as well as nice seams.


Humans Cale Liberty Task Chair


Humans Cale Liberty Task Chair

Liberty's tri-panel architecture allows it to attain body-fitting curves that single-panel stretch mesh chairs just cannot. Without the use of additional devices or manual modifications, it provides optimal lumbar support for everyone. Liberty's mesh back is made up of three panels of homestretch mesh, similar to how a tailor puts together various pieces of fabric to make a shirt. As a result, its proportions are tailored to fit and support the human body in unrivaled comfort.


The Liberty chair provides medium to medium-strong lower support when seated in an upright position. When arching your back and gently reclining, the initial pivot, like the Different Smart, increased the lower support.


Eurotech Vera Mesh Back Ergonomic Chair

Eurotech Vera Mesh Back Ergonomic Chair

The Vera office chair from Eurotech combines beauty, comfort, and performance. This ergonomically correct job chair has a variety of features, including 6-way adjustable arms and a multi-functional mechanism with easy-to-use controls. The Eurotech Vera chair is designed for usage on the shop floor as well as in private offices.

The Vera features medium to medium-strong lower support when erect. Lower support diminishes as you recline in the chair, with full recline providing limited lower support.

BRANCH Ergonomic Chair

BRANCH Ergonomic Chair

For everyday work, the Ergonomic Chair provides great support. It promotes active, healthy posture with firm lumbar support and a curved upper backrest.

The Ergonomic Chair, designed in Italy, provides a minimalist modern touch to any open office or home office. As a consequence, you'll have a chair that looks fantastic in any room while also delivering long-lasting comfort on your busiest days.

Oak Aloria Series Ergonomic Office Chair

Oak Aloria Series Ergonomic Office Chair

Oak Hollow Furniture's Aloria Series ergonomic office chair features an improved, smooth and supple genuine cowhide leather seat. Why would you want to buy a low-cost PU or bonded leather chair that could contain harmful chemicals or wear out quickly? This enhanced real leather seat is built to last in a working or home-office environment for years. Invest in your health by purchasing a chair made of high-quality materials and with a more ergonomic design.

This chair has four locking positions and a padded lumbar support cushion that you can adjust up and down, making it ideal for both short and tall persons. You can also adjust the seat depth by moving the seat cushion back and forth to give your lower back and torso additional space away from the backrest.

 According to “International Journal of Public Health and Clinical Sciences” low back pain affects more than one third office workers; it should be an issue of concern. Low back pain is more prevalent among young and new workers and those who had never attended office ergonomics course. All office workers should be trained on office ergonomics.  The management should provide a conducive environment for good office ergonomics in order to prevent and control the occurrence of low back pain among office workers.

 So, finding a chair with exceptional lower back support is usually a smart idea, depending on the amount of support you require and where you need it the most. At the very least, although each chair on the list provides great lower back support for lengthy periods of tasking, I personally recommended the Sunaofe Ergonomic Mesh Chair Elite67. If you want to recline, the list gets a little shorter. A successful sitting experience depends on determining how much support you require, where you require it most, and what type of material to have the chair upholstered in. I hope this list has assisted you in determining which option is ideal for your lower back problems.


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