Do You Need a Standing Desk, and If So, Which One Is Best?


Do You Need a Standing Desk, and If So, Which One Is Best sunaofe blog 2240x1260

You may have seen it on TV, the news, or somewhere online, or it's becoming the latest trend in your offices, and you're wondering what all the fuss is about. Either way, more and more people are swapping over to standing desks over sitting desks, leaving many people in the know wondering what's going on.


If you're one of these people unsure about using a standing desk, read on and allow us to educate you on the effects and benefits of making the switch to standing instead of sitting in your professional life.

Should you use a standing desk?

Before you do anything about getting a standing desk, look at your situation, and determine whether or not you need one.


If you're sitting at your desk for an hour or two per day, then there isn't any need for you to make the upgrade to a standing one, although you can.

Instead, standing desks cater more towards career professionals who spend eight or nine hours every day at their desks and would make more use of being able to stand.



The Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

There have been countless scientific studies on the effects of sitting versus standing while working in the office. The results of these studies and tests are phenomenal.


First and foremost, using a standing desk will help decrease back pain when standing. Sitting down makes you more likely to slump over, which results in more pressure and bend on your lower back.


Over time, this bend and pressure can result in serious damage, and it only gets worse as time goes on. Eventually, you'll find that standing up for a few hours becomes agonizingly painful.


Standing desks allow you to avoid all that by taking the weight out of your back and instead having you stand when you work.


As well as helping your back out, standing desks can help you fight against heart disease.


Excessive sedimentary periods have been linked to heart disease for a long time, but do you know just how bad the difference is? 147% percent. Sitting down for long periods every day makes you 147% percent more likely to suffer from heart disease than someone that stands up.


This might be because working with a standing desk allows you to burn an additional 1000 calories every week.

While that number can be different for everybody, that is a solid average that was found over a series of tests that were carried out.


Not only does this mean you fight heart disease and lose more weight, but all that standing is going to be helping your body produce endorphins. 


Endorphins are a chemical in your brain that are released when you exercise. It makes you feel good, encourages you to work out, and rewards your body for the hard work.


Endorphins help against anxiety and depression, lower stress levels, and make you happier at work.

The Best Standing Desks Money Can Buy sunaofe blog 2240x1260

The Best Standing Desks Money Can Buy

There are several hundred different types of standing desks on the market today. It is an industry becoming oversaturated, leaving many people needing guidance on where to go and what to look for.


Luckily for you, you don't have to. Two specific desks stand out amongst the competition as the best standing desks you can buy. 


The Sunaofe Tau 2 and Challenger. These two desks feature a mechanized rotor function that allows you to adjust the desk's height by pressing a button.


What this means is that you get easy access to both worlds. If you want to stand for today, press a button, get tired, and want to sit? Same thing.

These desks have insane functionality and a clean, sleek design, but you can also get the two on a monthly payment plan, making the Sunaofe Tau 2 perfect for any office budget.


Wrap Up


Should I get a standing desk? I 100% percent, yes. Standing desks are one of this generation's most impactful inventions and will result in a generational shift in how offices are laid out, as well as how we age as time goes on.

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