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As preventative measures become a national emphasis for health programs, an examination of elements that can harm health but can also be avoided is becoming increasingly defined. To this aim, lifestyle choices are frequently mentioned as factors that can lead to good changes that promote general well-being. Within these lifestyle aspects, there are additional differences made between true changes that are under the control of the individual and those that may be imposed by the environment.

A needs assessment is one of the most useful methods for identifying the population's needs for health services. Determines that distinguish the variables that people believe have an impact on their wellbeing can be built using narrative and demographic data. Surprisingly, one of the top elements that could benefit from change was the impositions imposed by the work environment.

The Office Also Known as the Other Home                          

Although we can unwind and refresh ourselves at home, it is equally important to make the most of the time we spend at work. At Sunaofe, we have the philosophy that the office should be a place where people may enjoy a sense of coziness and warmth.

Sunaofe experts are of the opinion that the workplace may be an excellent setting for individuals looking to lead more active lifestyles. When combined with the appropriate ergonomic chair, a specifically designed sitting posture can assist an employee in having a more pleasurable experience both physically and mentally while at work.

Ergonomic Chairs and the Concept of Movement

Office supplies that are ergonomically built might cover a wide range of issues that affect mobility in the workplace. When it comes to office equipment, keyboards and workstations are the most commonly used options. Ergonomics, on the other hand, focuses on the efficiency and productivity that may be attained by workplace movements that are more closely linked with natural activities. As a result, an office's layout can be called ergonomic, much like its furniture and accessories.

Despite the importance of people's movement in the workplace, it is important to note that many office workers spend the most of their day sitting at their desks. It can put a lot of strain on your lower back, hamstrings, and even shoulders and neck if you keep your legs at an angle to your hips and spine. Additionally, hunching forward to reach a keyboard can cause additional physical strain, which can lead to debilitating aches and pains over time.

There are close to a quarter of all lost-time factors due to stress-related absenteeism and chronic back pains. In addition, it is important for employers to keep in mind that these gaps in productivity may be avoided, and that the solutions can also help foster a healthier and efficient work environment in the workplace.

Ergonomic chairs can help employees make healthier lifestyle choices, which in turn boosts productivity at work. Through the provision of resources that aid structural alignment, organizations demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their workers while also enhancing their company's public image.

Mood-Boosting Benefits of Ergonomic Chair


As we work and live in front of computers for long hours, a comfortable chair is an essential part of our office furniture. A good office chair can help us to do our job smoothly, and feel relaxed and energetic. Sunaofe shares five mood-boosting benefits with you.

1. Back pain prevention

No one wants to have backache always, or leave work early to have treatment because of lumbar pain. According to the statistics, sitting is the most common cause of back pain among American adults. A proper seat can greatly reduce the risk of experiencing back pain. A good ergonomic chair not only improves seat comfort but also provides a healthy working environment.

2. Spine wellness

We spend more than 70% of our waking hours in a seated position and experience very few changes in posture, resulting in a loss of mobility and fluidity in the spine. An ergonomic chair can help maintain the natural curve of the spine and make your spine healthier.

3. Discourage unhealthy snacking

When we are working on our computers, we tend to snack more often than usual. This can lead to weight gain and other health problems. An ergonomic chair can help discourage unhealthy snacking by making it uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. This will make us more likely to get up and move around, which is good for our health.

4. Increased productivity

An ergonomic chair can also help increase our productivity. When we are comfortable, we are more likely to stay focused and alert. This can help us get more work done in less time. Additionally, an ergonomic chair can help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries, which can lead to lost time from work.

5. Improved circulation

Sitting in an ergonomic chair can also improve our circulation. When we are seated properly, our muscles are not as tense and our blood flow is improved. This helps us to feel more energetic and alert. Additionally, improved circulation can help reduce the risk of developing varicose veins.

For many firms, it's tough to comprehend how a seemingly minor change can have such a big impact on employee health and productivity.

To alleviate discomfort in muscles and joints, proper postural alignment can have an impact on other body systems.

  • Improved blood flow results in a greater sense of well-being and a more energized day.
  • Better posture aids digestion, reducing the likelihood of gastrointestinal upset and allowing the body to assimilate nutrients more efficiently.
  • Stress levels are reduced because physical discomfort is the second most common trigger for an emotional stress response.

The normal production of serotonin in accordance with proper body rhythms helps stabilize mood by bringing blood sugar levels more evenly.

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