The Ideal Ergonomic Standing Workstation for Someone Who is Very Tall

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 The Ideal Ergonomic Standing Workstation for Someone Who is Very Tall sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Designing a functional and practical, home office can be a challenge. As a tall person, one of the challenges will be purchasing the best desk, one that ergonomic in design, as well as comfortable. The best standing desk for tall person is one that is tall enough to fit your legs under, and tall enough to ensure you do not have to stoop over the desk surface while working.


What is the best standing desk for tall person? To answer this, we have first to understand a little about standing desks. To ensure comfort and productivity, a standing desk must first and foremost be adjustable. For longevity, it must be manufactured from quality materials, and it has to be stable.


For tall people, there is far more to a quality standing desk than just standing. Perhaps the term “standing desk” is a misnomer. A standing desk does not force the user to stand all day. A standing desk is adjustable, precisely what a tall person needs. Regardless of whether you want to sit or stand, you will be happy with a standing desk. You will find a standing desk to be more ergonomic and comfortable when seated, or standing, while you work.


A Few Facts about Standing Desks


There are many health benefits associated with standing more often. A standing desk allows a person, tall or otherwise, to easily and quickly switch between sitting and standing during the day. Discounting leisure time spent sitting, the average office worker sits a full eight hours, five days a week. If your desk is too small, the only option is to work hunched over, causing pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. Over time, body stressors and associated pain can become problematic.


A standard office desk is 29 inches from the floor to the work surface. For a tall person, this is often not enough space. This is where height-adjustable desks come in. A Sunaofe Tau2, for example, adjusts from a low of 26 inches to a high of 52 inches. With a range like this, even the tallest person can find a comfortable standing or sitting position.


Best Standing Desk for Tall Person, What to Look For

Among the many brands and models of standing desks, there are only two specific types. The better of the two is a full desk, motor operated. The other is a standing desk converter. A full standing desk takes the place of a conventional sitting desk. They are better built, more robust, and more versatile than a desk converter.


As the term suggests, a desk converter is a device that converts a sitting desk to a standing workstation. A desk converter has a far smaller worktop, and cannot carry near the weight that a true standing desk can. The upside of a desk converter is its portability and low price.


Manual or Electric Operation

There are two different types of standing desks. One example is full manual. The other is electric. The objective of a sit-stand desk is to provide the user the freedom to sit or stand at will. To do this, and maintain productivity, an electrically operated desk is superior.


1. One nice feature of electric desks is a programming console. This feature provides two distinct benefits. First, during the day, you can go from standing to sitting in a matter of seconds, and the operation is extremely quiet. Secondly, if you share the desk with someone else, you can preset the top height that suits you best, and another top height that suits your shorter coworker. Each time one or the other of you are going to use the desk, it is a matter of touching a pre-programmed button.

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2. Materials

Better standing desks are manufactured using metal tubing frames, powder-coated in a range of colours that you can use to complement your office decor. Tops are either solid wood or bamboo, coloured to match the frame. Of the choices, bamboo has many fans. Bamboo is a sustainable material, a feature that makes it a favourite among those who care for the environment. Above all, bamboo is exceedingly strong, as well as somewhat resistant to scratching, both ideal features for a worktop.


3. Ergonomics

Although the best standing desk for tall person has many unique and valuable properties, perhaps the most important is ergonomics. Ergonomics is a science dedicated to creating healthier and more productive workspace. A standing desk that suits a person, regardless of whether the person is tall or not, plays right into that. Having a chair of the correct height, coupled with a desk and monitor, also of the correct height, are imperative for a healthy and productive career.

Often, standing desk users outfit their workstations with adjustable monitor support arms and keyboard trays.

A standing desk is something that caters to all people. Not everyone is built the same, but there are common denominators when it comes to keyboard position. An adjustable height desk is the right answer to many ergonomic issues.


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