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The Best 5 Ways To Move More While Working From Home

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Numerous brick-and-mortar establishments have closed due to COVID-19, making it difficult for employees to get used to working remotely. Working from home in today's setting presents a unique set of obstacles, including avoiding distractions, keeping in touch with coworkers from afar, and caring for young children who are no longer in daycare or school. Shelter-in-place orders in several states mean that most people can no longer go to the gym to maintain their fitness regimens or to vent some pent-up aggression. The good news is that there are many methods to get some exercise while working from home. Even if you're confined to your home or apartment, these five suggestions will help you keep in shape.


1. Take a Walk and Talk

Walk around your apartment or house while you're on a work phone call instead of sitting down at your desk. If you're lucky enough to have a backyard, make it a point to step outside on a frequent basis during the day. On your patio or balcony, even if you don't have a backyard, you may still enjoy the sunshine. Your lunch break might be a good time to take a little walk around your neighborhood to get some extra steps in! Try to spend some time outside every day to get some fresh air and a change of scenery to improve your attitude and outlook on the day.


2. Perform some exercises while standing

Stretch your arms above your head on the door frame as you walk through a doorway and rest there for a few seconds. Spend at least 30 to 60 seconds stretching your hips and calves while half-kneeling. Do two rounds of 30 second squats, pushups, or jumping jacks when you're ready to get your heart rate up. Remind yourself to shift your perspective: Moving around doesn't have to happen only for an hour a day; it may and should happen in a variety of ways all day long.


3. Attend a Workout Session

Many gyms and yoga studios in the United States have shuttered, so fitness instructors are turning to donation-based online programs to supplement their income. Find out whether your local gym or studio broadcasts live fitness classes or posts exercise videos on YouTube with a fast internet search. Take a class and keep your regular schedule while also supporting small businesses in the area.


4. Involve the Entire Family

Have a dance party, create a fort, or play sports with your kids to keep them moving and relieve some of their pent-up energy. To get some much-needed fresh air for both you and your children, simply stroll around the block on your lunch break. Daily stretching exercises can be done by the entire family. Sitting stretches should be a focus in your everyday routine. To begin, keep your shoulders level while bending your head toward your right shoulder. Your right hand should be placed on the left side of your head, with light pressure applied to your neck and left shoulder until you feel the stretch. Do this for a few minutes, then swap sides. Afterwards, roll your shoulders in a circular manner for 20 to 30 seconds. Lastly, place your left hand on your left knee and your right hand behind you to lengthen your spine. Keep your hips forward and shoulders down as you perform a right torso twist. Hold the stance for 20-30 seconds with your back to the camera. Reverse the motion and repeat the stretch.

Consider a Standing Desk Purchase

5. Consider a Standing Desk Purchase

The best investment you can make in your home office is to get a standing desk. Sitting for more than eight hours a day without any physical activity has been linked to the same health concerns as obesity and smoking in numerous studies. Moderate physical activity, such as a half-hour a day, as well as standing up frequently during the day, can reduce these dangers. For this reason, a standing desk is an excellent investment because it allows you to quickly switch between sitting and standing during the day.

Being at home for long periods of time can be emotionally draining, but remaining active throughout the day will help you maintain a positive outlook and feel better about yourself.

Working from home boosts productivity by 13%, according to a Standford study of 16,000 employees over a 9-month period. This improvement in performance was brought about by more calls being made per minute due to a more comfortable and quiet working environment, as well as by working longer shifts with fewer breaks and sick days.

Employees reported greater job satisfaction in the same study, and attrition rates were reduced by 50%.









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