Sunaofe Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk

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Sunaofe Electric Standing Desk has a stable structure, easy assembly, and convenient move, strong and durable. Adopting a modern and simple design, no matter where you work, can provide you with suitable space. The beauty of nature comes from a special paint that makes the surface durable. Ergonomic and functional, powered by dual electric motors, the desk can easily transition between sitting and standing positions with just the press of buttons. You can sit or stand at work using this desk. 

The desktop corners are designed to be round for more safety. Meanwhile, the desk is sensitive to barriers during sitting and standing with its anti-collision function. Create your active workstation and find a healthy balance between sitting and standing with the Electric Standing Dual Motor Desk Frame from Sunaofe! Stand up in seconds with this solid frame featuring a powerful lift system for smooth transitions, customizable controller settings, adjustable feet, and solid leg support for desk surfaces weighing up to 100 kg. 

All the necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions are provided for easy assembly, so you can complete your very own ergonomic workstation with a solid frame that supports your equipment and lets you think on your feet! It is less noise emission (<50db). The desk can automatically adjust reversely when it hits a solid object while going down or going up, effectively protecting the tabletop from bumps and scratches.

Sunaofe created the Electric Standing Desk to be durable and do something no other electric standing desk can do—assemble in a few minutes. Each desk is designed to last, featuring sturdy T-style legs for enhanced stability and a contractor-grade laminate finish that’s easy to clean. Memory settings make it easy to adjust to any height. With multiple finishes that showcase its stylish chamfered edges, there’s a look that’s sure to fit your style.

It is suitable for any family, office, dormitory, school, or work area. The wide desktop provides space for computers, monitors, printers, and other office supplies. The beauty of nature comes from a special paint that makes the surface durable. As a professional and reliable furniture supplier, we keep our way in seeking premium materials, applying human-oriented design, and, finally, bringing you a smart and stylish desk.

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