Five Ways to Personalize Your Sit-Stand Workstation to Fit Your Taste

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Five Ways to Personalize Your Sit-Stand Workstation to Fit Your Taste sunaofe blog 2240x1260


Your office should be a place where you can concentrate on the task at hand. That doesn't mean it has to be dull. In fact, the opposite is true. Your office should be decorated in your preferred style; this allows you to make the most of your workday. Customizing your sit stand desk is an excellent way to accomplish this. Because you spend the majority of your workday at your desk, it should be a place that inspires and comforts you.


Here are five ways to personalize your sit stand desk to match your décor.

Each idea is adaptable to any design style, so use your creativity to create your ideal workspace.


1. Purchase both the tabletop and the legs separately


The first thing people notice about your standing desk is the top of your table. This method offers the best options for tailoring your desk to your specific requirements. Many sits stand desks allow you to buy the legs and top separately. Find a tabletop that complements your decor style for maximum customization. Buy a glass tabletop, for example, if you prefer a modern look. If you prefer a more vintage or eclectic look, consider incorporating an old door into your tabletop. The wooden door can be painted, distressed, or stained to match the other colors in your office.


2. Install lighting on your desk


Lighting is ideal for improving your vision as well as adding ambiance to any room. This holds true for your workplace as well. Lights are available to match any decor style, making this a simple way to personalize your sit stand desk. For example, if you prefer a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic, try adding rope lights to the underside of your desk. This way, the lights cannot be seen, but they still illuminate the space. If you prefer a traditional style, purchase a classic desk lamp and place it on your desk corner where it can light up your keyboard.

 Add plants to your sit stand desk sunaofe blog 2240x1260

3. Add plants to your sit stand desk


Plants are one of the best ways to create a workspace that inspires hard work. There are two ways that plants can match your decor style. Firstly, the plant itself can match a specific decor style. For example, a plant with few leaves and clean lines, such as a snake plant, which fits a more contemporary style. A wild-looking plant, like a spider plant, can match an eclectic style. Secondly, the pot the plant lives in can also match your preferred decor. If you like the transitional style, for example, choose a steel container.


4. Include photos of family, friends, or inspiration


Many people like to decorate their office desks with photos of their family or friends. Some people prefer to view inspirational messages or images. However, the frames in which these photographs are displayed are frequently overlooked. Frames are a great way to match your sit stand desk to your decor. Use simple white frames mixed with brightly colored plastic frames if you like the Scandinavian style of decor. If you want a French country look, look for frames made of worn wood. Alternatively, for a more traditional look, select frames with ornate, layered details.


5. Include a break station


Taking a break is something that should be maintained even when working from home. Make a small area in the corner of your sit stand desk for taking breaks. Create a coffee corner, for example, complete with an individual coffee maker and your favorite mug. With a tray and coffee accessories, you can tailor the space to your decor style. For example, if you prefer an industrial decor style, select a tray made of wood with metal accents. If you want to go for the Hollywood glam look, look for a mug and tray set with gold or gem-colored embellishments.


Last Thoughts

You will spend hours upon hours at your desk working throughout the day. Customize your sit stand desk to match your decor style to get the most out of it. The five suggestions above are a good place to start, but they are not exhaustive. Allow your imagination to run wild, and you may come up with additional ways to personalize your workspace. Any change to your desk that improves your focus throughout the day is worthwhile.

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