Productivity: Do Standing Desks Help? That's right, it's a research guide

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Even with progressive corporate policies such as stock option schemes, employee turnover remains high. In light of this, firm management faces an ongoing battle to keep talented employees engaged, productive, and satisfied. Using an ergonomic item like a standing desk is one of the most successful methods, so do standing workstations increase productivity, engagement, and happiness?


A 2018 Gallup poll revealed that less than 35 percent of American workers felt engaged in their jobs. The majority of disengaged employees leave or are fired.


Standing Desks Improve the Health and Satisfaction of Employees


There is accumulating evidence that sit-stand desks improve employee health and satisfaction.

A recent study conducted in Australia and published in the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health suggests that standing workstations could help reduce employee absence and save firms money that would otherwise be spent on employee medical expenses.

Additional research based on a study involving 230 desk-bound employees revealed that standing workstations could have prevented about seven and a half thousand health-adjusted life years in diseases associated with overweight and obesity.


How to Improve Productivity with Standing Desks


Provide Employees Ergonomic Supplies

The equipment an individual has to perform his or her job has a significant impact on employee output and personal satisfaction. When employees are afflicted with discomfort, they become less productive. Subpar employee productivity can have a significant effect on a company's bottom line.


The Spine Research Institute at The Ohio State University investigated the importance of ergonomics and the price of neglecting it. Those who conducted the study discovered that a persistent lower back injury, which is frequent among those with poor posture or a poorly built and made office chair, often costs a business in the vicinity of $100,000 due to increased medical expenses and workers' compensation. The study indicated that these astronomical expenses increase over time.

Providing individuals with ergonomic equipment is an excellent starting point for enhancing staff efficiency. This could include an ergonomically constructed chair, properly position computer keyboards, or standing desks for staff.


Prevent Adverse Effects of Sitting

A significant amount of research has been conducted linking the harmful effects of prolonged sitting to a person's health and wellbeing. Over half of the participants in research conducted by the Center for Disease Control reported an improvement in back pain by simply reducing the amount of time they spent sitting. The effect was significant, since the reduction in daily sitting time was roughly an hour.


It is a reality. A productive staff is a happy workforce. Consider investing in standing desks for your employees to minimize the adverse effects of sitting all day. As an employer, you will observe a significant increase in employee output and morale without them leaving their workplace.


Investing in Ergonomics for Efficiency

Investing in ergonomics has been demonstrated to boost staff output. An investigation of electronics assembly factory employees was done. The outcomes were astounding. In one year, the company saved about $575,000 on the cost of product rejections due to ergonomic enhancements. In addition to cost reductions, the organization realized significant productivity and quality gains.

A second investigation was undertaken in a call center. The personnel were divided into three test groups and one control group. A variety of ergonomic interventions were administered to the test groups. The productivity of those employees whose workspaces were made more ergonomic rose by five percent. The output of the control group decreased by nearly the same amount. The standing desk group was significantly more productive.

Ergonomics, which may include the supply of a standing desk, is an investment, not a cost. The money saved by offering a standing desk to employees reduces injuries and increases morale and productivity.



By investing in standing desks, employees will experience reduced exhaustion and physical pain at the end of the workday. The investment in standing desks and other ergonomics will demonstrate your appreciation for your personnel. The resultant rise in job satisfaction will result in employees who are more productive, happier, and healthier, which is advantageous for all parties involved.

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