How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be - Full Guide

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How Tall Should a Standing Desk Be - Full Guide

You made the decision to purchase a standing desk. Congratulations, your back thanks you. To avoid muscular pain (MSD) caused by bad posture, it is critical to carefully select your standing desk and utilize a chair that is appropriate for your job. When it comes to selecting a desk and a work chair, there are numerous options available nowadays.

We recommend that you evaluate the proper height for your standing desk to preserve the best possible posture, whether it is changeable in height or ergonomically fitted to continuous work. It's pointless to use a standing workstation if you're slouching or bending your back to reach it.

This article will assist you in determining the ideal height for your standing desk.

There are numerous sorts of workstations available on the market nowadays. You may even select your optimum workstation height. The size of your desk may be determined by your waist. Offices are often up to 73 cm tall for really tall people. These heights are as follows:


A 61-cm-high workspace can be ideal for someone standing at 1m63.

1.68m people may prefer 64-centimeter-high desks.

1.75m people should have a 66 cm tall desk.

Electrically adjustable desks allow the user to cycle between standing and sitting positions. Sitting all day raises blood pressure and increases the risk of spinal injury. As a result, sedentary professionals would be wise to select a desk that allows them to shift positions.


Furthermore, your workstation should be at elbow height in general. This means you may estimate the height of your desk by measuring the distance from the floor to the bottom of your elbow.


The steps to accurately adjust your desk are as follows:

  • Stand up straight, shoulders slightly back, and eyes straight ahead.
  • Raise the desk so that your fingers smoothly touch the keys on the keyboard.
  • Adjust the height of your screens such that your gaze is drawn to the upper third of the screen.


2. Adopting the Correct Standing Posture at Your Desk


Your task will be more pleasant if you have a standing desk at home because most furniture is height-adjustable. In this regard, you can use the mechanism to raise or lower the top to the optimal desk height.

However, if you want to build or buy a fixed standing desk, you may need to modify it to fit your measurements. You should be able to type with your hands and arms parallel to the floor if you use a standing desk. Your legs should be in a comfortable position, with your feet flat on the ground. The ideal desk height also enables you to cross your legs beneath the work table.

Without needing to tilt your neck, keep your head straight and your eyes slightly downward. Your elbows should form a 90-degree angle, and your shoulders should be straight. If you can't accomplish this, your workstation is too small for you.


3. The Appropriate Standing Desk Height

The height of your standing office can be altered by the height of your shoes. A woman who wears heels one day and flat shoes the next should, for example, have a desk in two separate places. If you need to adjust your height frequently, an electric standing desk could be a great option.

In terms of screen height, most people spend the majority of their time staring at the upper left corner of the screen. So you want your eye level to be the same as the top of the screen.

It is fine to situate your workstation slightly lower than your elbows' 90-degree angle. However, you should not set it higher than that. A high position is far more harmful to your wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Understand How to Care for Your Neck and Back sunaofe blog 2240x1260

4. Understand How to Care for Your Neck and Back


The height and distance between your eyes and the screens are critical elements when using a standing desk. Set the screen at a length that places your eyes in the upper third of the screen. It reduces eye strain and prevents you from bending your head up or down. This type of head adjustment can have an effect on your neck over time.

The focus length is also important. You should set the screens roughly 50 to 70 cm away from your eyes.

Make use of a foot pad to protect your feet, knees, and hips. Choose a carpet that matches what you wear (or do not wear) on your feet. You can also alter your standing height with an anti-fatigue mat.


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