12 Reasons Why Standing Desks Are Only Headed in One Direction

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12 Reasons Why Standing Desks Are Only Headed in One Direction sunaofe blog 2240x1260

There is no way around it. We live in a computer-driven world. As a result, many office workers spend their regular eight-hour day stuck to their chairs. Sitting all day may and frequently is taxing on the back and body. Whether you have a home office and work from home five days a week or go to an office five days a week, chances are you have fantasized about pressing a button and having your work table and everything on it raise, allowing you to stand, stretch your back and leg muscles, and still be productive. It's all well and good, but there will inevitably be issues, as with any mechanical gadget. What happens when your standing desk refuses to move?


What Happens When a Standing Desk Won't Stay Up?


Even if you got a Sunaofe Tau 2, which is widely regarded as one of the best available, chances are it will need to be reset at some point. It can be frustrating to think that the desk mechanism has failed, but this is quite rare. Typically, a quick reset will solve the problem.

There could be a dozen reasons why your standing desk merely goes down, but there is usually one major culprit. If there is a power outage in your building or your desk is unplugged, the desk will only move downwards. This is due to a legitimate reason. When the desk loses electricity, it also loses memory.

A customizable keypad is included with the Tau 2. The user can set various heights suitable for various tasks using the keypad. When the power goes out, the desk loses track of its current location. The desk can only know its precise positions by setting a reference point, which is the lowest position. When the desk hits its lowest point, it will reset and return to normal operation.


Why Does a Standing Desk Only Go Down?


Aside from a power outage, there are 12 reasons why a standing desk will only go down. The four most frequent are listed below.


1. An Object could be blocking the desks. Surface

Unbeknownst to you, there may be something above the desk that will obstruct your travel. Typical examples of these impediments include shelving and cabinets. Many office workstations have an object detection mechanism that prevents the desk from colliding with them. When the desk detects an obstruction, it stops rising higher, giving the user plenty of time to remove the obstruction.

Always make sure there are no obstructions to unrestricted desk travel above the desk.


2. The desk's legs may be uneven.

Standing desks with many drive motors may become imbalanced over time. Although the self-locking will usually prevent this, there is a remote risk that one motor will turn while the other either does not turn at all or turns a bit slower or faster than the other. When the motors are not in sync, the desk becomes uneven and wobbly. If the legs are uneven and need to be adjusted, a full reset is required.

 The Desk Surface May Have Too Much Weight sunafoe blog 2240x1260

3. The Desk Surface May Have Too Much Weight

Every adjustable sit-stand desk has a maximum carrying capacity. The Sunaofe Tau 2 has a weight limit of 300 pounds. An overload might occur if the weight exceeds the design capacity. The desk is aware of its limitations. It will now shut down to protect the components.

The solution is straightforward. Take away part of the weight. When the weight falls below the desk's capacity, it will revert to its fully functional configuration. Typically, no manual reset is required.


4. The Control Box Could Have Been Cycled Out

A duty cycle is built into every sit-stand workstation. It can only move up and down so many times before having to rest. The controller is designed in such a way that it knows how long it can be active and how long it must be in its inactive or rest state.

The desk will turn off when it has reached its maximum active time. This is done to keep the motors from overheating. Do not be alarmed if the desk shuts down on its own; it will resume operation without any human interference.

After a few moments, you can resume using the desk as usual.



These are just a few of the 12 reasons why a standing desk is doomed. Each Sunaofe Tau 2 comes with comprehensive instructions and troubleshooting tips. When the worst happens, a simple reset will restore your sit-stand desk to "as new" condition.

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