What Are The Benefits And Challenges Of Working From Home?

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been concerns about the country's economic growth and the activities that contribute to it. Governments continue to seek alternatives to normalcy, knowing that things will never be the same for at least a few years. Work-from-home culture is one of the tactics being used around the world to combat the development of the disease.

Working From Home (WFH) is now being implemented on a bigger scale, but it was already in place. People have been forced to stay at home due to the new normal, yet the flow of capital and the demand for services cannot be stopped. As a result, working from home has become a viable option for containing the virus's spread and preventing the economy from deteriorating.

Benefits of Working from Home

Benefits and Challenges of Working From Home

Flexible schedule - You can take a break at any time, feel no pressure to contact family members when they call, and have lunch any time you choose.

Personalized environment - Configure your noise level however you like - somewhere between super quiet and front row seats at a Lady Gaga concert. And if you care about the ergonomics of your workspace, you can create a stronger rhythm for your workflow.

Cozy clothes - You can wear those college sweatpants that have the lettering off, or those low-rise pants your friends don't know you have. (And I hope never.)

Making calls is easier - You won't have to scramble to find a meeting room or deal with a talkative colleague. (Admittedly, children and pets in the home can be difficult for some remote employees.) (Granted, kids and pets at home can make this tough for some remote employees.)

No distractions in the office - Avoid co-workers debating the value of cryptocurrencies, sirens blaring outside your window, air conditioning working as you hide your tears with ice cubes.

Forget the crowd and traffic - You don't have to lean against a rattling transport tube, grind your new shoes, or chase a painfully slow person who doesn't seem to know what the straight line is. More time with loved ones. Take care of a sick loved one at home, get your kids ready earlier in the day, cuddle your dog a few more times, or just take some quiet time to yourself!

Challenges of remote work

Benefits and Challenges of Working From Home

Difficulty following a routine - The order in which you do things at work is almost never the order in which you do things at home. It can be difficult to reflect on your schedule and processes when you're out of the office.

Technical Issues - As mentioned above, remote work requires a reasonable technical setup. The above essential issues change the entire process. Poor connectivity, slow devices, and power outages can frustrate what you once wanted. India has a large rural population and technological advances have not caught up with them.

Lack of interplay - A conventional workplace setup helps you to take a seat down together along with your colleagues over an espresso and communicate approximately matters other than work. However, while humans are running from home, the interplay with fellow people is affected and ends in awful communiqué skills. It might also additionally make someone much less socially lively and might in addition have an effect on their personality.

Distractions - The human brain tends to be very easily distracted. When employees work from their workplace, there are people and things happening around them. This causes distraction and poor concentration at work is normal. This can lead to lower productivity than in a typical work environment and can even lead to layoffs. The interweaving of professional and personal life makes things awkward.

Monitoring employee performance - When your team isn't physically present in the office, it can be difficult to monitor employee performance, especially for jobs that require employees to be present for a certain number of hours per day. But it's also difficult to strike the right balance between checking in and becoming a resented micromanager. Another concerning scenario is when remote workers overwork to compensate for not being in the physical office, which can lead to burnout.


The future of remote working appears to be bright. Although there are advantages and disadvantages, as it is perceived, remote working is a great concept and should be considered as an option.

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