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Is a Desk That Easily Adjusts and Has Electricity Safe


Is a Desk That Easily Adjusts and Has Electricity Safe sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Sedentary lifestyles have been related to a variety of health issues, including obesity and cardiovascular disease. Electric workstations with adjustable heights should be utilized to help desk-bound office workers avoid long periods of sitting. Those that sit the most during the day are those whose jobs require computer use.

Sitting is generally a static condition that has been linked to a variety of ailments. Sitting may also be harmful or uncomfortable for employees who have pre-existing medical conditions such as arthritis or edema. The first question to answer before purchasing Sunaofe Tau 2 is, "Is an adjustable electric desk safe?"


1. Standing Has the Potential to Be "Life Saving"


Many people who are currently seated at their desks are beginning to pay special attention to standing at work. Standing with a height-adjustable electric desk burns more calories than sitting. The calories burned may not seem like much, but every little bit adds up over time. Standing creates far greater muscle activity than sitting, which burns calories (a little or a lot) and helps to prevent obesity. Sedentism is also addressed by the movement. Yes, standing has health benefits, but it is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise.


A happy medium is the best option. Those who are forced to sit for lengthy periods of time can improve their health and well-being by combining the benefits of sitting and standing. This happy middle can be found in a variety of ways.


Everyone has had to wait in a long queue at some point in their lives. Perhaps it was waiting in line for concert tickets, or perhaps it was waiting in line at the store. You are well aware of how exhausting this can be on not only your legs, but your entire body. You've probably experienced swelling legs or lower back ache. You've probably observed that when you have to stand for an extended period of time, your weight shifts from one leg to the other. This is an indication that your body is tired and sending a signal to redistribute the tension elsewhere. Perhaps you even adopted improper posture by locking your knees, slouching, or standing on one leg to alleviate pain.

There are alternatives. The first includes the use of a workstation that can be adjusted in height. These "adjustable electric desks" can be moved up and down to accommodate sitting or standing. While the most convenient are electrically powered, certain kinds require manual adjustment.


2. Standing Restrictions

Raising the height of the work surface has some limits. Perhaps privacy is a concern. Raising the work table at a workstation surrounded by low cubicle walls may raise the individual to the point that his or her voice carries beyond the cubicle, becoming a distraction for people nearby. If coworkers are handling sensitive material, the display may be visible to someone working in a standing posture with an adjustable electric desk.


3. Ergonomic Assessments

Employees with specific medical issues should be evaluated first. Prolonged durations of standing might aggravate certain physical or medical disorders, causing further problems. Edema, knee or foot difficulties, varicose veins, and joint problems are a few examples. These are some instances of issues that must be properly considered. These types of issues frequently prompt people to seek guidance from those who are most knowledgeable about ergonomics. A competent evaluation of the individual condition and projected responsibilities should include the likelihood that the user will quickly acquire acclimated to and operate the standing desk properly.


Is it safe to use an Adjustable Electric Desk?


Yes, an adjustable electric desk is safe if properly set up. The proper arrangement guarantees that the workstation fulfills the user's individual demands when sitting as well as standing. When setting up a standing desk with Sunaofe, there are a few things to consider.

Make sure your hands, wrists, and forearms are straight and parallel to the flat work surface.


  • The head should be slightly bowed forward.
  • When standing, the desk should be positioned so that the spine is erect.
  • Shoulders should be relaxed and hang at the side of the body as normal.
  • Keep your elbows close to your body and bent 90 to 120 degrees.
  • The upper torso should be kept straight.
  • The sightline should be anywhere between horizontal and 35 degrees below horizontal when staring at a computer monitor.


Moderation is the key to practically everything in life. The body responds best to harmony, which is a balance of static and dynamic conditions, activity and recovery, and sitting and standing.

Good health necessitates movement, and when standing, you must maintain proper posture. An adjustable electric standing desk is only one tool to help you work safely and smartly.

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