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Best Fascinating Reasons People like Gaming Standing Desk

Best Fascinating Reasons People like Gaming Standing Desk sunaofe blog 2240x1260

Health benefits for professionals and office workers have been the primary focus of discussions about standing desks. It isn't just individuals in the workplace that profit from a standing desk's sit-to-stand alternation: Gamers can also gain from it.

According to Esports Health Care, Less-than optimal seated postures may create forces greater than 150% of body weight on the spine. The increased pressure on the discs and bones of the spine can lead to early degeneration which may lead to more significant health concerns.

The majority of gamers aren't even aware that they have poor posture. Gaming posture is something that many people begin to think about when they realize how slumped over their desks they have become.

Muscles and posture that are out of place during gaming

Prolonged periods of time spent sitting have the potential to cause significant musculoskeletal tightness or imbalance. The hip and shoulder regions of the body have the most impact.

It's common knowledge that sitting for long periods of time can lead to tight muscles in the front of the body, including the hip flexors and the pectoral muscles.

When the rear of the body's muscles become weak or inhibited, it is unable to stand up against gravity.

Muscle pain, joint pain, tension-type headaches, compression of nerves or blood vessels (such as thoracic outlet syndrome) and early degeneration of joints all over the body are possible side effects of these muscular imbalances (upper crossed syndrome or lower crossed syndrome).

What's the point of a Standing Gaming Desk?

What do you think? Do you think you should utilize a standing desk for yourself, or is it just a fad? Here are the five key advantages of moving from a sitting to a standing gaming setup.

Gain a more enjoyable experience when playing

Playing while standing up is not a new idea, but you may be surprised. In the early days of gaming, you had to stand in order to play. It's still exciting and rewarding to be a gamer in this day and age. Like the protagonist, you're inseparable from RPG characters in a large number of games In Overwatch, you're almost tempted to team up with Genji or Hanzo.

Enhance your gaming capabilities

There are a variety of techniques to gauge a player's gaming prowess. The ability to focus and the opportunity to enjoy a tailored gaming setup are essential for top-level performance, according to most gamers.

While playing, are you feeling worn out? If you like to sit in your favorite gaming chair, all you have to do is lower your gaming desk. Are you up for a little more hands-on involvement? You can raise the height of your standing desk to increase your drive to improve your gaming skills.

Additionally, many standing workstations have additional tiny accessories that aid in your productivity. There are a variety of accessories available to help you stay focused on your game, including everything from cable organizers to compact laptop supports and desk converters.

Get healthier and happier

When it comes to gaming, your health should be your primary priority. It's easy to lose track of time if you're playing for 10 hours a day, but you need to get moving as soon as possible. Standing alone can burn up to 200 calories each hour, which is beneficial for those aiming to maintain their fitness levels.

Some of these effects are also attributed to posture. Standing for at least a few hours a day instead of sitting all day can help alleviate back pain. Better blood circulation is another benefit of standing more, a health problem that many gamers are unaware of.

Configurable gaming system

Keeping all of your gaming supplies organized is easy with an adjustable workstation. Standing workstations are even capable of supporting two huge monitors each. Everything from PCs to game laptops has enough storage space to fit all of your gaming equipment in one place.

The height of certain standing desks can even be pre-set. These raise the desk to a certain height, which is useful if you're playing a driving simulator game. Sharing a gaming setup with others? These height defaults can help (of different height).

Limit the amount of time spent playing

Is it possible to tell when your child's playtime is ended while they are standing at a standing desk? This is the time of year when your feet hurt. This is the body's method of reminding you to take a break or an internal alarm clock.


The good news is that when you know you just have a limited amount of time to play a game, you'll be more concentrated. Too much of anything can be detrimental, according to Sunaofe, it's a good idea to minimize the amount of time you spend in front of a screen each day.

When you play for long periods of time, a standing workstation can help you burn up to 1,000 calories every day. In the case of posture-related conditions such as back pain, it removes or dominates them. To observe these benefits for yourself, you don't have to give anything up.

In addition, a standing workstation can increase your gaming passion and concentrate because it makes you feel a little more involved than if you were sitting down. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about which adjustable desk is appropriate for your gaming needs.

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